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What clients are saying -

I want to tell you about my session with Nurit, where I was challenged to dig into a difficult situation from the past. With Nurit's quiet guidance, I had accomplished the task. I left the session full of thoughts about this special method of The Work and that made me sit and read Byron Katie's book yesterday and try to deeply understand the method and its potential ability to help and support. So thank you, Nurit


At every crossroads in my life, I find Nurit's advice to be an anchor and a compass. Nurit taught and still teaches me to explore my thoughts and not to rush into conclusions that are sometimes affected by the weight of the past and not the connection to the present reality.

I'm sure she can help you too!


I had experienced a session in Family Constellation with Nurit and was left with many insights, with a deep understanding and much more sensitivity to life experiences that relate to my family framework. Mostly I felt how compassion grew in my heart. Nurit guided the session very professionally, asked questions and greatly helped me to be more accurate with my understanding of specific situations within the constellation I composed. I'm appreciative and thankful for the session with Nurit and warmly recommend it(!) to anyone who wants to become better acquainted with the needs, feelings, and interpretations related to their family relationships.


The Work of Byron Katie

The Work is effective for those who seek a peaceful state-of-mind.

When we do The Work, we inquire the thoughts that trouble you in depth.

We meditate on thoughts connected to anything in life - childhood, motherhood/fatherhood, couple-hood or marriage, family, body and health/illness, money, work and career etc.

When you inquire your thoughts, they can set you free.

How can you tell if The Work is going to be helpful for you?

Some signs are:

  • You repeat your story again and again again to yourself or whoever is near you and would listen to you...

  • You run the same (scary or plain bad ) movies in your head...

  • You want peace in your life but you don't have it...

  • You want a healthy, happy life but at the moment it's messy inside and out...

  • You experience stress, or worse - you are suffering

You can see the tools we use when doing The Work in this link


If you have a challenge or difficulty in your life at the moment, let's do The Work together.

We can meet online and work (in English/Hebrew) via video conversation using Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Messenger.


Each session takes between 1-2 hours, depending on your topic and level of experience with The Work.

Please contact me at +972-54-644-9726

Rate: $65 for the first hour and $30 for each additional half hour

For first timers/people who are new to The Work, $115 for up to 2 hours session

If you are not sure...

Free initial meeting - phone call/online only

A 20-minute meeting is an opportunity for us to see if The Work is a good fit for you, for us to troubleshoot the audio/video set-up and a chance for you to ask me questions and receive more information.

Please contact me.  I look forward to meeting!

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