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Photo by Shunit Harel

One of the funniest and most interesting woman I know. Her captivating personality combined with her uncompromising professionalism (the woman comes with American standards) is unique and makes her stand out in a sea full of ​​caregivers.


What can I say? You are funny and amazing, creative and soothing? I came to you disintegrated and left whole. The Constellation process gave me the option to observe myself and my fears from a different perspective and see them in color. I understood that not everything has to manage me. The process made me feel reassured and helped me make progress.

We met by chance and not by coincidence. I wish every patient will find you and find a cure in your hands!


A lil' bit about me

Every person in your life who provides you with difficulty, challenge or a push, does it for you, not against you.



If you have a few minutes to spare, here's a little about me in a nutshell-

Like many people, I experienced drama, challenges and difficulties, depression and loneliness, some alcohol abuse, and many ups and downs. Some of it almost broke me down, but in the end it made me stronger and it supported my personal growth.

Through studies and therapy, a lot of work and self-awareness, as well as taking accountability for my choices, I became a strong and independent woman, happy, living and fulfilling my dreams beyond I could ever imagine.


Since 1993 I have studied and worked in the following fields:

  • The Work of Byron Katie

  • Family Constellation

  • Healing, Energetic Healing

  • Reflexology

  • Reiki 1 + 2

  • Food - nutrition, detoxification, effects of food on the health of body and mind

  • Group Facilitation

  • Consulting and Research in Behavioral Sciences and Organizational Consulting

  • M.A in Organizational Sociology (Sum Laude)

  • B.A in Behavioral Sciences (Cum Laude)

To get to a healthier and happier state of mind, I inquired my limiting thoughts and beliefs about myself and the world, mother, father, family, relationships, children, motherhood, work and career and even God.

The inquiry of thoughts enabled me to free myself from false, judgmental thoughts that cause stress, fear and worry.

The sense of liberation and relief after doing The Work... When the inquired thought goes Poof! and evaporates and becomes a part of the past, no longer controlling me, is beyond wonderful.

Allow me to be corny for a second - it is easiest to compare this feeling to the moment when you see a colorful butterfly flying in front of your eyes on a sunny day, so freely, and gracefully.


I invite you to do The Work with me.

Cheers to health and the freedom of the Mind!


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