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What clients are saying - 

“I've received treatment from Nurit during a difficult time, while I was hospitalized. Here's the story: I arrived at the hospital with gallbladder stones which were blocking the passageways and causing liver malfunction. I was all yellow, itchy, and with high indices. Without thinking twice, I was left for observation, with intention to run a CT scan and then insert a camera-tube and remove the blocking stones. Nurit arrived in the evening for a healing treatment, and in the blood test taken after, there was a gradual index decrease, meaning the liver was back to normal function. The doctors were amazed that the CT results showed the passageways are clean (therefor the tube examination was no longer needed). Beyond the tremendous improvement in health, right after the treatment I felt serenity and calm. Nurit also taught me deep, relaxing breathing (which I use almost every day). Nurit has amazing energies, and she worked wonders. I strongly recommend."




"Nurit has been endowed with blessed energies and an ability to touch body and soul. Thank you Nurit, you gave me an amazing start for the day, the week, the month, the year! I strongly recommend Nurit. I have found much quiet and serenity under her hands in a very confusing time, and she was able to provide me with an anchor and renewed energies!"



"Thank you SO much for the amazing Reiki session. You have a gift and I am grateful that you shared it with me! Your energy is full of love, peace and healing.

Keep up your Reiki work! You are amazing."


"I arrived exhausted, tired, with aches all over my body, and received an embracing pleasant Reflexology treatment, and enjoyed every minute of it. I thank you for the pleasantness, the relaxation and the comfort I've felt. You're charming!! I strongly recommend!!! 

Thank you!!! Can't wait for the next time!"



"Dear Nurit,

Your ability to see beyond, your touch, the accuracy and the listening, made the treatment a very powerful experience. I want to thank you and strongly recommend your empowering treatment, which left me different than how I was. Thank you.

Highly recommended!!!"



"Not only was Nurit blessed with the ability to channel the amazing energy for healing, but she also has the natural ability to see beyond what the patient is telling. Nurit has an intuitive vision which often helps to get to the root of the problem and focus with the patient for maximal recuperation and healing,"



"Dear Nurit,

You've received an amazing gift from the universe. A channeling ability and amazing healing energies. With these abilities you've given me motivation to do significant changes in my life. 

I hope many others will get to receive through you the energies and healing they need.

Nurit drew my attention to the physical, health aspect. She continuously said that I should lose weight. Thanks to her I've joined the gym and lost 15 Kg in 4 months. I started dancing and do yoga. As a therapist I took care of hundreds of people for years, with Nurit's help I started taking care of myself. 





"Dear Nurit,

I want to thank you for the Reiki treatment you gave me at your home. 

Your treatment was releasing and focusing. You've managed, with background music, your gentleness and the touch of your hands, to relieve any discomfort and disturbing thoughts I had on my mind. 

You are absolutely wonderful with people's energies. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart."




"Amazing, powerful, precise, and a therapist with huge heart and soul"




"Wow where do I begin??? Nurit gave me a treatment that was very powerful. During the entire time, I felt electrical currents and pulls like a magnet. All this balanced all my body systems wonderfully. I felt rejuvenated. Through the healing and the calming of her gentle hands, I received a lot of inner peace and at the same time crazy energy for the rest of the day. Many thanks! I wish as many people possible will get to receive a treatment from you and feel this miracle."




"I want to thank Nurit for a releasing / rehabilitating / renewing treatment I received from her 3 days ago. An hour and a half in which she wrapped me in warmth and contributed to my energy renewal, breathing, and other good things. I strongly recommend."


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