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What clients are saying -

"Dear Nurit,

Your ability to see beyond, your touch, the accuracy and the listening, made the treatment a very powerful experience. I want to thank you and strongly recommend your empowering treatment, which left me different than how I was. Thank you.

Highly recommended!!!"


"Dear Nurit,

You've received an amazing gift from the universe. A channeling ability and amazing healing energies. With these abilities you've given me motivation to do significant changes in my life. 

I hope many others will get to receive through you the energies and healing they need.

Nurit drew my attention to the physical, health aspect. She continuously said that I should lose weight. Thanks to her I've joined the gym and lost 15 Kg in 4 months. I started dancing and do yoga. As a therapist I took care of hundreds of people for years, with Nurit's help I started taking care of myself. 



Loving What Is

Relocation is fun and exciting but also tiring and stressful. It can challenge every aspect in life - work and career, marriage and couple-hood, family, parenting, health and more.

Whether you are relocating or returning to your homeland, your thoughts move with you wherever you go.


People usually relocate (or move back) because they want a better life. If you don't feel good about yourself or your life, it's most likely because you have thoughts that argue with reality.

The good news is that when you inquire your thoughts, things get clearer and your thoughts set you free.

If you want to do it, let's take care of those thoughts. Work with me.

I am a facilitator using The Work of Byron Katie as my main tool because I strongly believe in its effectiveness to release a person to freedom from stressful, critical thoughts about Self, Others, Reality/God/World.

We can work online (in English/Hebrew) via video conversation using Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Messenger (or meet in person, if you are in Israel).

Each session takes between 1-1.5 hours, depending on your topic and level of experience with The Work.

Please contact me at +972-54-644-9726

Rate: $65 for the first hour and $30 for each additional half hour

For first timers/people who are new to The Work, $115 for up to 2 hours session

If you are not sure...

Free initial meeting - online only

A 20-minute meeting is an opportunity for us to see if The Work is a good fit for you, for us to troubleshoot the audio/video set-up and a chance for you to ask me questions and receive more information.

Please contact me.  I look forward to meeting!

Moving House
Moving Truck
Moving In
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